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Tired of having your life besieged by problems out of your control? Move to Punch Town, where all your problems can be punched away! Got a broken laptop? Punch its glitches! Got a runny nose? Punch the disease! Down in the dumps? Punch your depression! Nobody knows how the hell it works (probably because somebody punched an unsavory history), but everyone here has fists that fix everything! So come on down to Punch Town: the town of punches!

Punch Town is a GM-less roleplaying game where everyone plays as characters in a weird-ass town who take care of every problem the way everyone else around here does: with their fists! Each player sets up their own structure using blocks from that one wooden block tower game — but instead of pulling blocks while keeping it intact, you're gonna slide, shoot, flick, and fling blocks across the tabletop to knock other's structures down! The more blocks you have, the more punches you can throw until you eventually get your way... but throw too many, and you'll risk causing more trouble than you fix!

I slapped this game together over a weekend to try and push myself to make more stuff. Rath (of rathayibacter.itch.io fame) gave me the name and encouragement to do this; the rest spilled out in a ludological frenzy. As such, I present this game as-is, weird wording and funky phrasing and all. I've also done NO testing on how this game plays! This is just a head's-up that this thing might be a bit wonky and perhaps need some tweaking at the table. But hey, I still think it's rad, and I hope you do too!

The "demo" below contains the full game as a text-only file; feel free to get a taste of the content before paying, or simply use it instead of the PDF if it suits your needs better. Free community copies are also available. 💚 I'd love to hear your thoughts about this! You can post them below, or tweet at me.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorXander Hinners
GenreRole Playing
Tagsjenga, punching, Tabletop role-playing game, weird


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Times are tough. For marginalized people, times are EXTRA tough.

While the text-only version is still free, I want to help where I can. If you're struggling, have this one on me. I want your joy more than your money. If they've run out, you can ask me for a free copy at xander.hinners@gmail.com and I'll send one to you.

Take care, friend. ❤

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